I hear you… I’m a wedding stationer, so why am I writing about wedding day styling?

Well, I recently did an Instagram poll to find out more about the brides who follow me and was amazed by how few were looking to hire someone to style their wedding day, with most leaving it in the hands of the venue.

This got me thinking. When I got married I had no idea a wedding stylist even existed!

It was only through photoshoots over the years that I knew some stylists who kindly agreed to style our venue. But if it wasn’t for them I would have just stuck with the wedding venue coordinator and not known any different. Could this explain the results of my Instagram poll?

Of course these days I’ve worked with some ridiculously talented wedding stylists and things would be very different if I was planning my wedding again. So if you’re getting married and are dreaming of that perfectly styled wedding day with alllll the incredible props, lighting, candles, florals etc, then I’m here to tell you why you’d better get yourself a wedding stylist, pronto…

My top 5 reasons why you need a wedding stylist:

1. You get a professional that’s dedicated to you and only you

The majority of wedding venues have weddings happening every day of the week, particularly Fridays – Sundays. And usually there are just a couple of wedding day coordinators (depending on the size of the venue) who are responsible for setting up your ceremony and wedding reception – as well as everyone else’s! A wedding stylist is focused solely on you and will be there on the day putting in the work to make sure you get what you want.

2. They’ll stop your wedding looking like everyone else’s

If you go to an open day at your venue, you know that your wedding is going to follow the same set up, which is great – if you love it. But it also means you’ll be stuck with the same ceremony set up and wedding breakfast layout as every other couple, the same table linens, cutlery, crockery etc. And don’t even get me started on the table stationery! How many times have you come across the standard table numbers and menus that are used at every wedding and most probably printed on the office printer? Yuck! Opt for the standard venue offerings and that’s what you’ll get, but a good stylist will find clever ways to make it more personal.

3. They’ll bring your ideas to life

If you’re creative and have sourced your own props and decor you can ask your venue coordinator to put everything out for you, but you’ll need to be very clear about exactly where you want everything. So what happens when you know you love beautifully boho styled weddings and have hundreds of images on your Pinterest boards, but have no idea how to pull that look off? Yep, that’s right, call in a stylist! They’ll work closely with you to understand what you are looking to achieve and bring it all to life. From working out budgets to suggesting the best ways to add some show-stopping lighting to brighten up a darker venue.

4. You’ll get a Pinterest-worthy day that will wow your guests

Wedding stylists are geniuses with props. They’ll usually provide all of the props from their own range or source anything specific you need, and it’s the details in your styling that help to really create an atmosphere. From that romantic ceremony set up with candles and fabric backdrops, to the perfect tablescape with beautiful silk runners, crockery, gold cutlery and elegant glassware – these details transform a standard wedding into an incredible one that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come. Not to mention providing a stunning setting for your wedding photos!

5. You can focus on being the bride

Do you really want to be halfway up a ladder hanging lights on the morning of your wedding? Stylists will set everything up to perfection on the day, or day before if the venue has restrictions, and then take everything away again at the end of the day. This allows you to elevate the look of your day AND ditch the stress so you can enjoy your day knowing everything is taken care of. How good is that?!

A note on wedding planners: wedding planners and stylists are not the same thing. A wedding planner will often offer something similar – usually called on-the-day coordination – but it’s focused on the logistics of the whole day and less on the styling. If you’re like me and you want to take control of your wedding planning yourself, a stylist is just what you need to transform your ideas and vision into a reality.

As a wedding stationer, I’m sure there’s plenty I haven’t covered about what a wedding stylist can do for you, so I’ve asked some of my favourite wedding stylists in and around central and southern UK to share their top tips. These lovely ladies are amazing at what they do so I’d highly recommend a browse on their websites for further info – but be prepared to fall down a rabbit hole of gorgeous wedding inspo when you do!

“A stylist’s aim is to give your event a cohesive, unified look and feel, and is your own personal artistic eye for all things visual. Sometimes a planner and stylist are the same person – and usually a “full planning” type of service will include both the practical and the aesthetic support, to different degrees. Venues may often have “wedding coordinators”, who are representatives of the venue that help with logistics and aesthetics of the wedding day. They will typically speak to you at the time of booking, and then be in touch again a few weeks before the wedding to make sure venue staff have the information needed, and can be great sources of venue-specific assistance on the day itself. The two roles of planner and coordinator are very distinct, but very much complementary: a good wedding coordinator works alongside your planner and/or stylist from behind the curtain to be certain that everything is executed seamlessly. The key thing to keep in mind about venue coordinators is that they are usually shorter term than planners, and not tied to your wedding. Also, turnover among in-house venue coordinators can be high, and may change more than once over your planning period; so you may find that the person you have been speaking to prior to your wedding is not the same one present on the day.”

Valentina – The Stars Inside www.thestarsinside.com

“The obvious benefit of having a stylist, is that we (or they!) can create the look you want – which, as you may have already found, can be much harder than you think! Working in the industry means that your wedding coordinator will know which suppliers you’ll like – who will fit your style & who will fit your budget, too!”

Rock the Day Styling www.rockthedaystyling.co.uk

Wedding planners and stylists are one of the most underestimated roles when it comes to your supplier team, but they will without a doubt provide you with the greatest value, and be your best investment. Not only will they ensure that the look and feel of your day is spot on, but they will take full responsibility of the details, logistics, setup, styling (and mishaps!) on the day itself which you can really do without! Having a stylist there on the day of your wedding is not the same as relying on your in-house event coordinator (who are usually just overseeing the venue space itself and perhaps the food). Your stylist will be over every little detail and will leave no stone unturned. After all, it is those little details and special touches that will help to make your day so unique and memorable.

Common misconceptions about hiring wedding planners and stylists are that they are only for the super-rich and that it is an unnecessary extra, or that you will end up handing over your day to someone else. These couldn’t be more wrong. Do yourself a favour, get in touch with a few stylists, have a chat, and you might just change your mind “

Charlotte Nichols Weddings www.charlottenichols.co.uk

“Why should you consider having a stylist for your day instead of the venue coordinator? A venue coordinator may be limited with the creative vision and personality that you may wish to incorporate into your day. A stylist will work closely with you to determine and create the vision you have in mind by providing you with a range of services that could include the set up and styling on the day to ensure everything is how you want it to be and more.”

The Wedding Avenue www.theweddingavenue.co.uk

“As an independent stylist I can really get to know you as a couple and work with you to design a wedding that is a true representation of who you are and what you love. I can help you turn your vision of the day into a reality by sourcing the best suppliers for your needs. On the day of the wedding you can rest assured that all your ideas and plans are styled just how you want them. Ultimately an independant wedding stylist works for you not the venue (as their in-house coordinators do) so no little detail will be left forgotten and you can relax and enjoy your day surrounded by all your friends and family making memories of a lifetime.”

Always Andri www.alwaysandri.co.uk

“For those that want a breathtaking wedding, with thoughtful details, unique elements and a consistent look and feel, hiring a wedding stylist is essential. From designing your day, taking real care to think of every element that will wow you and your guests, to lovingly spending hours on the day creating the day you’ve always dreamt of. There is a lot more that a wedding stylist does than people initially realise. Often couples believe this is something that they can do themselves, or the venue will be able to help, but I think it is really key to think this through. Do you have the time to really give to it, do you want to spend hours setting up whilst you could be sipping bubbles and getting ready for your very special day? And if the venue can help, be prepared that they do not have the time to give you that the stylist does. They also do not have the experience of knowing how it is best to style the tables, or the larger scale items such as photo booths, dessert tables, floral and lighting elements etc. Stylists have the design knowledge, supplier recommendations and will have got to know you for a period of time. They will care about how your day looks as much as you will, and want to create a perfect day for you, to make guests wow and to be remembered for years to come.”

Vintage Amy www.vintageamy.co.uk

“Have you spent months building Pinterest boards and screen shoring from Instagram? A stylist can help transform your wedding ideals into a reality, from helping to create a bespoke look to executing your own concept. The design and aesthetic of a wedding can really set the mood and tone for the day and I actively encourage my couples to inject their personality into their wedding style. Stylists aren’t just for big budget weddings, I offer a range of services to help couples at various stages, from an individual consultation to help refine ideas and creating mood boards for areas of a wedding a couple maybe struggling with concept wise to a full design plan where I can create a fully bespoke design aesthetic for you. What’s great about many stylists is they often offer a dry hire service, allowing you access to their range of props and decor that you are free to style up yourself. So you aren’t spending your weekends traveling round car boots, filling up your spare room with items you will have to attempt to sell after the wedding.” The White Emporium www.thewhiteemporium.co.uk

“Whilst most venue coordinators are great, and do go above and beyond, it is important to remember that they work for the venue and not you. An independent wedding planner will make you their number one priority. They will manage the logistics in relation to the venue, plus save hours of your time by recommending and liaising with trusted suppliers, creating the design concept, and of course, be there on the day itself to implement the design details and coordinate the multitude of different elements that make up your wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t have to mean that you hand over the reins completely. I offer a “month-of coordination” service that is designed for couples who have enjoyed their wedding planning journey, but need professional assistance in those super busy final weeks, and want the benefit of having someone to oversee the day who knows their design, styling and logistical details inside out.”

Wildflower Wedding Planner www.wildflowerweddingplanner.co.uk


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