You’re either on this page because you’re really keen to know how your data is stored…or you really do love to read privacy policies just for the fun of it. Either way, here’s the GDPR compliant privacy policy for White Olive Design Studio…

1. The data I collect

As a wedding stationer, I collect the information required to fulfil your order. This information is provided to me either via this website or directly via email or telephone. I collect your name, email address and contact number so I can contact you about your order. Your address is collected for invoicing purposes (and so I can post your order to you!).
Other information I may collect, depending on what you are ordering, is details about your wedding such as the date, time, location and any details you give that are to be included in your design.
All of this is necessary so I can fulfil your order.
I also collect cookies when you visit my website. These are small pieces of data that websites send to a user’s computer and are stored on the user’s web browser. They are designed to enable the website to remember information. This helps me to personalise your experience.

2. How I collect your data

If you want to avoid completing my contact form on this website you can send me a direct email to
When making an enquiry, the data is collected via the contact form of my website which is provided and sent to me directly via email where it is stored in a folder for enquiries. 

If you place an order for wedding invitations, save the dates or a bespoke order, I will provide you with a link to a hidden questionnaire on my website to get some more information about your wedding day. This is collected in the same way as my contact form (details above).

When purchasing an item from my store, payments are made via Paypal or Stripe and I receive both an order confirmation email and Paypal/Stripe notification email confirming your order which provides me your email address, postal address, name and contact number (if you have provided this when placing your order).

I also have a subscription option on my website which collects your email address and name for receiving my newsletters (which I never send as I don’t have time to write any!). This information is stored in my Mailchimp mail list.

If you get in touch with me via social media, I may also have your data on there (if you have provided it to me), I do not ask for personal information on social media and always ask to be sent an email with any details should you wish to have further information.

3. Which third parties do I share data with and why?

I share customer information with MailChimp for my email subscriptions/mail lists (only when you sign up to receive my mailings, I will never manually add any details to a mail list), and QuickBooks which is the invoicing system I use. Your data is shared with these third parties so I can provide a better and easier service for you.

I will never sell or disclose any of your information to any third parties that aren’t essential to my ordering or business process.

4. How is your data stored?

Any data I collect from you is securely stored on my personal password protected computer in my home office. I store customer information until either a) your wedding date was over 3 months ago, or b) you decide not to proceed with an order. At this point all data is deleted from my email system.

I use QuickBooks for my invoicing system and all invoices are electronically stored via a password protected account for my accounts purposes/business records only. You can read the QuickBooks privacy policy here.

If you have ordered wedding invitations from me that include an address somewhere on the artwork, any prints are kept in a locked filing cabinet. I will never show a full address on any images posted on social media or my website and artwork files are stored on my password protected computer and backed up on a hard drive for safety (in case my computer decided to die!)

5. Is that it?

I bloomin’ hope so! Basically I am a one woman band business, your details and any personal information you provide to me is used purely for processing your order (and for my business so I can record any income in my accounts for my best pal, the tax man). I’m not going to sell the information to anyone or plaster it all over my social media pages. I treat your data as I would expect my own information to be stored.

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