What’s better than a destination wedding? Whether you’re heading for a beach in Greece or a French chateau, having your dream day in a gorgeous foreign location with your nearest and dearest around you is hard to beat. But destination weddings come with their own set of planning challenges, and that includes destination wedding stationery. From deciding when to send out your Save the Dates and invites, to the actual materials and styles to use on the wedding day, these destination wedding top tips will help you navigate the minefield.

Destination Wedding Save the Dates

DO send them out early. Make sure you send your save the dates and/or invitations out in plenty of time, so that your guests can arrange their travel and book time off work to attend the event. For destination weddings, I recommend sending Save the Dates around twelve months before, and invitations no later than nine months before the big day. If you’re getting married during the summer months, it’s best to give ample notice to avoid guests booking a holiday and missing out!

DON’T forget to include the location. Even if you haven’t finalized all the details of your venue and accommodation yet, you should still include the town or city and country where you’re getting married so that guests can start to plan their travel well in advance.

Destination Wedding Invitations

DO include details of the whole destination wedding weekend. If you’re planning more than one day of celebrations, it’s a good idea to include an itinerary of events such as dinners, activities, and a post-wedding brunch if you’re having one, so guests know what they can expect on each day. You can also choose to put a date range on the main invitation, with the actual wedding date on the details card with the rest of the itinerary (for example, xx and xx invite you to their wedding celebrations, 23-25 August 2020”). This lets guests plan their arrival and departure, and any other travel they may want to squeeze in before or after the wedding.

DON’T leave RSVPs open. Getting prompt responses is even more important for a destination wedding, and you’ll want to know final numbers well in advance. Make sure you put a RSVP deadline on the invitation where it is clear and sure to be seen.

DO add a map. Guests always appreciate the addition of a pretty map with some local tourist hotspots or sites. It gives your guests a feel for the location, and may even inspire them to plan for a longer holiday and attend your wedding while they’re there. I love creating custom maps for my clients, and we’re often able to re-use the illustrations in the rest of the wedding stationery.

DON’T forget the accommodation! If you have made a block booking of rooms at your venue, you should include this information on your invitations, along with any reference codes. You should also include this on your wedding website, if you have one.

Destination Wedding Stationery (On the Day)

DO think about how you’ll transport your stationery. If you plan to take your on the day stationery to the wedding yourself, you’ll need to bear in mind potential extra travel costs for large items such as signage (unless you’re driving, of course!). You may also risk damage to items during transit. If you or your stationer plan to send your stationery directly to the wedding venue, allow plenty of time for delivery, as some destinations like Greece and the Middle East are notoriously slow when it comes to delivery times. (Please note, direct mailing is not a service I currently offer.)

DON’T limit yourself to paper. If you’re looking to have some signage at the wedding, fabric prints and banners are a great option! They easily fold up to fit in your suitcase, and any creases will easily come out if you hang them up in a steamy bathroom.


The most recent addition to my range is these leather luggage tags with gold calligraphy detail. Aren’t they pretty? They would make a great honeymoon gift or place setting for a destination wedding!


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