Do you remember when getting post was something special? These days, our postboxes are mostly stuffed with bills and junk mail (and on a good day, a beautiful wedding invitation!). Sadly, the practice of sending Christmas cards has fallen out of fashion. Some people say it’s because of social media (so much easier to send a Facebook message!) while others blame it on the rising cost of postage. But for me, Christmas cards are an important part of the season, and that’s why I’m so excited to introduce this year’s collection of foil Christmas cards – now available in the shop!


This year I have a selection of luxury foil Christmas cards available, from individual cards for that special someone (be it your husband, wife, or fiancé) to more generic cards that are suitable for anyone in your address book. All the designs feature gold or silver hot foil details on premium paper, and also come with premium white envelopes. You can buy each one separately, or I have a gift pack of the ‘Merry & Bright’ design available, which includes ten cards in an assortment of colours, presented in a luxury white gift box.


So why do I think sending Christmas cards is a tradition worth preserving?

  • You can hold them in your hand. No matter how clever, an ecard or social media post just isn’t the same as a physical object. It’s the whole experience: the plop as an assortment of red, green, white, and gold envelopes land on the doormat, the thrill of opening the envelope and reading the message, and the pleasure of putting a beautiful card up on the mantelpiece. I feel Christmassy just thinking about it!
  • They’re meaningful. Everything about sending Christmas cards requires thought and effort, from collecting addresses to handwriting messages of love and cheer. Receiving a card means knowing you are remembered and valued in someone’s life. It’s what the season is all about!
  • The sender benefits too. While a Christmas card is meaningful for the recipient, there are rich rewards for the sender too. It gives you a chance to reflect on your year and on your relationships, and to relive cherished memories. It can also renew old bonds or cement existing ones. Whether you’re mailing a card to a long lost relative or handing one over to your significant other on Christmas morning along with their pressie, a card is a way to really connect with them.

If you’re going to send Christmas cards, now is the ideal time to order. It gives you enough time to write and send your foil Christmas cards so they arrive in early to mid December. Remember that the post office is extremely busy this time of year (and so you are you!), so it’s worth getting started sooner rather than later. Plus it’s an excellent excuse to pour yourself some mulled wine, grab a mince pie or two, and put on some festive music!

All cards are available now in the shop.



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