One of the things I love most about creating wedding stationery is the way I’m able to work with my clients to perfectly reflect the style of their wedding. Not just through their choice of design or colours, but also by choosing different hand finishes to complete the look. One of my favourites is wax seals. Although wax seals have been around since the Middle Ages, they’re currently trending, and are a great way to add a touch of old-world charm and luxury to your wedding stationery! They especially convey a sense of importance and elegance to envelopes, making each really feel like a personal invitation when it lands in your guest’s letterbox, and ultimately helping to shape their experience of your wedding day.

Even centuries ago, when wax seals were first used, they were stamped with an individual’s seal or signet ring as a kind of signature. It’s still a lovely way to add personality to your wedding stationery. I mainly use them for envelopes and place settings but they’re also great for using to assemble an invitation suite suite, either with a cord, twine, ribbon, bellyband or vellum wrap. They come in loads of different colours, so you can either use them in a similar shade to the material they’re being used on or in a contrasting or metallic shade to make a statement. For the actual stamps, there are many designs to choose from, and you can also opt to have a custom-made seal with your initials or logo, which adds a lovely personal touch. This is especially popular with my bespoke clients! You can even add in elements like confetti or botanical elements, like the ones below with olive leaves picked fresh from the tree in our garden.

In fact, I love working with wax seals so much that I have even started selling them as individual items in my shop! This is a great option for a DIY bride making her own invitations, but they can really be used by anyone on stationery, craft projects and more. There are ten colours to choose from and four different seal designs: an olive branch, blossom stem, rose, and bee (yes, I’m obsessed!). Each is supplied with a double sided adhesive backing so you can just peel off the backing and apply them to your chosen surface. If you’re using them for envelopes, I’d recommend slipping them into an outer envelope to protect them, although I’ve never had a customer inform me of any damaged seals in the post.

You’ll find wax seals as assembly options for several of my House Collections, including Olive, Bee, Blossom, Fleur, and Jasmine. Take a peek at these and others from the White Olive portfolio below:


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